Increase Home Sales with a Personal Concierge
Service Branded in Your Company Name

MyHome VIP offers the only live concierge-based marketing and incentive program designed exclusively for the real estate industry. We provide you with a high-impact program that helps home builders and realtors sell and rent homes by giving residents a powerful incentive: cell phone access to a live 24/7 personal concierge and information service—branded in your company name.


EVEN in today’s competitive market, you can set your company apart with a truly unique real estate marketing and incentive program your residents will love. Offering our award-winning, white-glove concierge service with the purchase or rental of every new or pre-owned home helps attract residents. MyHome VIP constantly adds value by promoting your homes and company in a compelling and personal way.


When your residents call your branded live personal concierge service, they’ll receive help with any request or phone/internet-based task they can possibly imagine. Plus, they’ll hear your company name and customized message every time they use it. The way the service works for your residents is fantastic. The way it works for you is even better. We do all the work, while you get all the credit—and profits.

Why You Need MyHome VIP:

• Helps close more sales and rentals
• Value-added incentive attracts buyers
• Sets you apart from other realtors
• Ideal for new and pre-owned homes
• Out-performs other marketing methods
• Increases buyer satisfaction
• Generates more referrals
• Custom marketing materials available
• Easy to set up and simple to use

Why Your Residents Will Love It:

• Answers questions on any topic (directions, sports stats)
• Provides help with Anything, Anytime, Anywhere®
• Answers questions on any topic (directions, sports stats)
• Fulfills phone/internet-based tasks (reservations, tickets)
• Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Global access by phone, text or email
• Includes a free VIP Assist mobile app
• Provides an enhanced feeling of security and safety
• Service available in English, Spanish and French

Powerful Brand Exposure

The MyHome VIP comprehensive personal concierge service ultimately results in greater resident satisfaction. At the same time, constantly hearing your company name builds an unparalleled long-term brand loyalty unmatched by any other marketing program or campaign.

Compared to outbound marketing methods like the internet, magazines, newspapers, billboards, television, or radio, research shows that none of them are as targeted or promote your company name as often—and as affordably—as MyHome VIP. That’s because, unlike the other methods, people actually want to experience our personal concierge service. They seek it out, not the other way around.

Unforgettable First-Time Impression

According to an industry report, new home buyers look at an average of 15 homes before purchasing, and trade-up buyers look at 16 homes. That’s why it’s important to make an unforgettable first-time impression with MyHome VIP. It’s a powerful incentive that gives residents another reason to move into your homes and community.

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